// the brand


ZIA ®  is fast growing european fashion brand started in 2016. the brand brings together seemingly opposites women’s contemporary styles and classic character. we always searching for an elegant balance in the highstreetstyle.

we use exclusive high-quality material. the design created specifically for ZIA ®  . 

 charismatic | essential | contemporary 

// the designer

Csizmazia Anett. Friend. Wife. Advertising executive. Creative. Style-conscious. Dreamer. Curious. Bold. Enterprising.  

„And now I’m excited because an old dream of mine has become reality and I want you to get a feeling of the world of ZIA ®

During my years in the advertising industry I was always looking for inspiring things, not only in my profession, but in my personal life as well. People, places, brands, clothes, foods also affected me, and I have tried to inspire others all my life. 
With my Love Project, called ZIA ® , a long-cherished childhood dream has come true. I am proud to present it to you now. Come, and visit the showroom, and get ready to be inspired.  "

ZIA is not just a brand, but also an identity. It represents girls who have real, exciting personalities, their own style and are able to laugh at themselves and the world around them. Not against, but together with the world. ZIA ® is a piece of Csizmazia Anett, the designer who brings us the latest high street at an affordable price, customized for your liking.
The collections are very contemporary, modern and exciting, but also feature basic pieces. 

ZIA ® was inspired by the personalities of the inner city life, by you, the people.